Keynote: Saying Goodbye to Wires, and Hello to a More Efficient Approach to Powering Up

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With trillions of dollars having been invested in electricity, it’s no secret that it’s a key mechanism for carrying out most of our operations and day-to-day activities. However, wires and batteries (the traditional tools for enabling electricity transfer) are cumbersome, and as the number of devices continues to increase, managing wires and identifying outlets will only become more difficult. Kaynam Hedayat of WiTricity will explain how wireless electricity addresses these challenges by providing a seamless, easy way to charge. Kaynam will speak of how the founders of WiTricity explored a system of two electromagnetic resonators coupled through their magnetic fields. The team was able to identify the strongly coupled regime in this system and showed that strong coupling could be achieved over distances that greatly exceeded the size of the resonant objects themselves – proving that in this strongly coupled regime, efficient wireless power transfer could be enabled.


Kaynam HedayatKaynam Hedayat