Technical Board

Editor in Chief

John Blyler

John Blyler is the Editor-in-Chief of Interference Technology and a technical professional who spent the first half of his career as a hardware-system systems engineer and program manager in the DoD, semiconductor and electronics industries. In the second half of his career, he became a technology journalist, science writer and editorial director for major high-tech publishers. John is an affiliate professor of systems engineering at Portland State University and lecturer for UC-Irvine’s online IoT program. He is a frequent conference moderate and panelist. John has co-authored several textbooks in systems engineering, hardware-software integration, and RF Design. He holds a BS in Engineering Physics (Oregon State Univ.) and a Masters in EE (California State Univ. – Northridge).

Editorial Review Board

Bogdan Adamczyk

Dr. Bogdan Adamczyk is a professor and the director of the EMC Center at Grand Valley State University ( where he performs EMC precompliance testing for industry and develops EMC educational material. Prof. Adamczyk has over 25 years combined industry and academia experience. He has taught numerous EMC certificate courses for industry. He is an iNARTE certified EMC Master Design Engineer, a founding member and the chair of the IEEE EMC West Michigan Chapter, and a member of the IEEE EMC Society Education Committee. He was a 2016 IEEE EMC Symposium Global University and Fundamentals of EMC instructor. He writes a monthly tutorial article for an EMC trade magazine. Prof. Adamczyk is the author of the textbook “Foundations of Electromagnetic Compatibility with Practical Applications” (Wiley, 2017). He can be reached at

Keith Armstrong

Keith Armstrong graduated from Imperial College, London, in 1972 with an Honours degree in electrical engineering. He has been a member of the IEE since 1977, a U.K. Chartered engineer since 1978 and a Group 1 European Engineer since 1988. He founded Cherry Clough Consultants in 1990. Mr. Armstrong can be reached at

Daniel Hoolihan

Daniel Hoolihan is a past president of the IEEE EMC Society. He has been a member of the Board of Directors since 1987 and has held numerous leadership positions in the society. Mr. Hoolihan is also active on the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee on EMC, c64 as Chairman. He was co-founder of Amador Corporation (1984-1995). Mr. Hoolihan can be reached at

Mark Montrose

Mark Montrose is an internationally recognized expert in EMC, as well as a popular author of several textbooks. Mr. Montrose specializes in electromagnetic compatibility and industrial product safety, with over 32 years of EMC experience as a trainer, consultant, systems designer, product engineer, manufacturing engineer and component engineer, as well as regulatory compliance and engineering services management positions.

Mr. Montrose is a current member of the IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors and a past member of the IEEE Board of Directors (2009-2010). He is also the principle consultant of Montrose Compliance Services, Inc. Mr. Montrose can be reached at

Henry Ott

Henry Ott is President and Principal Consultant of Henry Ott Consultants, an EMC/ESD training and consulting organization located in Livingston, New Jersey. Mr. Ott has literally “written the book” on the subject of EMC, and is considered by many to be the nation’s leading EMC educator. He not only knows the subject, but has the rare ability to communicate that knowledge to others. Mr. Ott has over thirty years of experience in the field of EMC. Mr. Ott can be reached at