Below are the questions asked during the live event, along with their respective answers.

Q: Can the EESeal+ be used for grounding or shorts?
A: Absolutely. EESeal+ is made from a highly conductive material and has been used for many grounding applications.

Q: How do you remove the seals?
A: EESeals are designed to stay in the connector. If you need to extract an EESeal, Quell has extraction tape for that very purpose. There are instructional videos online that show you how.

Q: What is the minimum order that is needed?
A: Quell’s minimum order quantity is one.

Q: What is an efficiency of filters in non-50-ohm circuits?
A: It depends. The load that is used to calculate the attenuation and performance of an EESeal is based on the impedance of the wires and cables that are attached. Coax cables used in high-frequency communications are typically 50 ohms, cable TV cables are 75 ohms, and a twisted shielded pair might be around 120ohms. For radiated emissions RE and conducted emissions CE the higher the load impedance the better the filter performance. For CE measurement such as from a power supply, and the frequency drops below 1MHz, the impedance of the source begins to dominate which can be as low as a few 100 milliohms at 60Hz like the plug in your house. At the low frequencies on the order of 100kHz, the source impedance drops resulting in decreased performance of the EESeal capacitor.