Below are the questions asked during the presentation, along with their respective answers.

Q: Thank you for an interesting presentation, I have a question regarding the estimate generation process. It was mentioned that this was the start of introducing content into the test report. In order to achieve accurate report content, the program must be fully defined. Can you tell me more about how this is achieved?
A: Yes, good question. In order to minimize time spent during the estimate phase MiCOM Labs estimate generation like all its other cloud-based functionality is fully automated. Initially our highly qualified sales representative will extract sufficient project detail in order to produce an accurate estimate. Remember regulatory compliance personnel can be reluctant to provide a full project scope at this stage for several reasons one of which could be project uncertainty. These same personnel have difficulty returning a legacy pdf or Word file so we find this new method successful. Remembering when the PO is provided the client needs to continue providing complete project details before executing the parallel phases.

MiCOM Labs strategy at this initial stage is to let the client know that any project overruns due to a mistake made on MiCOM’s behalf will not incur additional cost to the manufacturer, we standby our estimate, however if the overrun is due to client error or providing insufficient information clients will charged for additional time spent. So you see MiCOM are again passing control back to clients with clear monetary benefits should they get the upfront information correct.

Q: Interesting solution presented on a real problem in reduction in time-to-market product in todays fast paced regulatory environment. You mentioned that test data can be viewed in the cloud by company design teams. My question is what data can be made available and how can this be shared with design teams.
A: Thank you for your question and yes, this solution can help minimize the time taken to place product on the market. If I can answer the second part of your question first when the applicant contracts with MiCOM Labs a company admin is allocated to manage the account. This admin will be allocated permissions by MiCOM based on the specific contract. The admin can add/remove additional company users but will also allocate permissions up to their own allocation.

Test data visibility can be conducted, radiated, DFS, powerline and telcommunications emissions. Companies can view and download a provisional pdf for all types of test data. Test data is made available in order to identify issues early in the testing process hence increasing project efficiency. Test data can be view not only for the main model but all associated variants. If a radio device has 8 antennas specified in the test plan, then test data for each is available.

For DFS testing not only is the test data available for each injection but the full injected radar signature is also captured and visible.