Below are the questions asked during the live event, along with their respective answers.

Q: With the standard references pertaining to swept-tune/step-tune analyzers & receivers, is there support from CISPR for these next-gen receivers?
A: Strictly speaking, CISPR 16 doesn’t care what specific technology is used to create an “EMI Measurement Apparatus”. So CISPR doesn’t have to “support” the use of a new instrument that employs new technology. But to make emissions measurements according to product family and generic emissions standards, you need an instrument that meets the performance and feature requirements outlined in CISPR 16, such as a) being able to accurately measure specific test pulses, b) implementing specific 6 dB measurement bandwidths and measurement detectors, etc.

Q: What would be the advantage for an EMC Test Lab to use an EMI test receiver with real time capability?
A: Allowing the user to
a) reliably and accurate visualize and measure aperiodic pulse spectrums
b) identify narrowband signals “under” broadband signals that occupy the same frequency

Real-time isn’t used for qualification tests, it is only a troubleshooting tool. I gave a presentation on the future of Test Lab Emissions Measurement Capability, perhaps you could put a plug in to go and watch that on EMC Live recordings. One of the major benefits is the Test Labs can help the customers understand why they are failing

An EMC Test Lab that has an EMI test receiver with real time capability can offer a state of the art troubleshooting tool that might not be owned by the laboratory’s customers. This was described in a previous EMC Live presentation.

An EMI test receiver with real time capability will also have time-domain scan capability. When used to make commercial conducted emissions measurements and operated in receiver mode, the time-domain scan feature allows for the simultaneous display of peak, quasi-peak, and average measurements without sacrificing measurement speed.

Q: How often, Lee, do you actually use real-time when doing actual product troubleshooting?
A: I use real-time every single time I provide clients with conducted or radiated emissions troubleshooting services. The benefits and results are that compelling and valuable to us at SILENT.