2017 Product Demo

Automated Pre-compliance Testing: SIGLENT EasySpectrum Software

Troubleshooting and documenting EMC issues can be tedious and inefficient, especially when implementing manual test methods.

In this presentation, we are going to introduce automated test concepts using SIGLENTs EasySpectrum software. When coupled with SIGLENTs affordable SSA3000X Series spectrum analyzer and a computer, EasySpectrum provides an intuitive platform to control pre-compliance test sequencing, data collection, and reporting designed to get the data you need to pass compliance quickly.

Who Should Attend?:
Engineers and Technicians that want to shorten their time-to-market.

Jason Chonko

Jason has 17 years of experience in test and measurement and has seen a little bit of everything.. from nanoamps to gigahertz. He is still
amazed at how many things do and don’t work as expected. His primary role at SIGLENT is to help customers get the gear they need to excel.

He graduated with a B.S. in Physics from Kent State University and is dedicated to helping.


The following questions were asked during the live presentation. Click each question to view its answer.

Does this solution measure Throughput?

Throughput has a few different potential meanings, so I am not exactly sure if it does. The SIGLENT solution is designed to help engineers determine the source of EMI and evaluate the performance of potential solutions before going to the compliance lab.

Does this solution measure Throughput and Interference?

Yes. The SIGLENT hardware and software combination does measure interference.

Is software instrument-specific?

Yes. Currently, EasySpectrum Software works with the SIGLENT SSA3000X series of analyzers.

Can the software be set-up for a specific standard, say a MIL-STD?

Yes. There are a number of preset limits loaded into the software as well as a custom setting that can be used to create and save your own custom limits, if they aren’t included in the standard library.

Can the software be configured to work with non-Siglent hardware?

Not at this time. EasySpectrum only works with the SIGLENT SSA3000X analyzers at this time.

Do the pre-configured limit lines come already setup in the software, or do they need to be input manually and then saved?

If pre-defined, do they include MIL-STD-461 limits? Yes. There are a number of limit lines included in the standard library. The majority of them are EN55011 Class A/B Group 1/2. No. Mil-STD-461 is not directly available, but it can be programmed.

Is there any specific probe be use with this or it has the correction factor to enter?

The software and analyzer can use any standard near-field probe, antenna, or LISN. You can enter the correction factors and gain to automatically adjust the data.