Multitone Testing – The Time is Now

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Overview: Multi-tone testing has many benefits. While the multi-tone methodology was initially implemented to increase the speed of immunity testing, it has been found that this method also improves equipment efficiency, offers greater flexibility to truly test the equipment (EUT) under real world threat conditions, and can be fully compliant to standards. Benefits can also include more efficient use of finite financial and human resources as well as faster time-to-market for new and enhanced products.

Carl Mueller

Speaker: Carl Mueller

Carl Mueller is a Systems Engineer for AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation’s Radiated and Conducted Immunity Systems, and test software. Carl is actively involved in product and system design, development, and testing as well as worldwide sales and customer support.

With well over 20 years of experience in military systems integration and testing, Carl has worked as Principle System Engineer on radar warning receivers, communication jamming systems, and aircraft simulated training systems. His background includes extensive client contact, including on-site customer training.
Mr. Mueller worked for AEL, Tracor, Marconi, BAE Systems, Cobham, and ACCU-SORT Systems prior to joining AR.

Slides are available to download within the On Demand webinar.