Lightning Testing for Updated MIL-STD-461G and DO-160

Download slide presentation here.

General presentations on MIL-STD-461G were already available long before official release, and will probably become even more popular in the coming years. This webinar introduces a precise analytical comparison of test requirements from MIL-STD-461G CS117 and DO-160G Section 22, as the former has been developed based on experience and know-how related to the latter. How similar or different the two standards are, is to be decided by EMC Live 2016 attendees after the webinar. EMC PARTNER AG is leading manufacturer of test equipment for indirect lightning test, with more than 15 years of experience in the field.

Speaker: Dr. Adrian Matoi
Adrian Matoi, currently engaged in market development and strategic sales at EMC PARTNER AG in Laufen Switzerland, holds a PhD in EMC. He has gained extensive experience working with test equipment manufacturers in the European EMC market and spent time gaining practical experience in an EMC test laboratory. Publications to his name, on specific EMC topics ranging from evaluation of disturbances in automotive communication systems to research on EMF distribution in the environment, are complemented in the past few years by a series of technical webinars, seminars and trainings on indirect lightning test.

The following are questions presented to the speaker by the attendees during the webinar, along with answers to each.

On the slide with number of strikes, is top amperage supposed to be 1Ka or 1 Meg amp? It looked like a logarithmic vertical scale.
Answer: The scale on slide 5 is logarithmic indeed. Intended values for first stroke is 200 kA. This represents statistical measured value of first component, and is used to deduce test level for first stroke in a MS event during indirect lightning test.

Congratulation for the nice and comprehensive presentation Dr. Matoi. Please, only by curiosity, can you indicate from what institution do you obtain your PhD degree?
Answer: Transilvania University, Brasov, Romania