Keysight Technologies Platform for Emission Security Testing

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This webinar will discuss the feature set of Keysight’s Emissions Security System, including wider-available bandwidth and the ability to monitor, record, and automate. The conventional approach to RF emission testing uses manual, analog comparison techniques, which are time consuming and error-prone. The new emissions analyzer software from EMSEC Solutions Inc. (ESI) addresses these issues by using digital signal processing (DSP) techniques to automate the test procedures. We’ll discuss the new B-Series Spectrum Analyzers used in the System, and the abilities to record I&Q for post processing. We’ll discuss the system as a whole using screenshots of the software, and explain upcoming enhancements. Engineers involved in EMC radiated emissions testing for security requirements should attend.

Luke QuesnelPresenter: Luke Quesnel
Luke Quesnel is a Solution Partner Account Manager at Keysight Technologies. Luke has been working with EMSEC Solutions to provide security emissions solutions to clients worldwide.  He has been involved in the EMC test community for over 15 years.