Simulating Lightning and EMP Effects in Aerospace Applications

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Overview: This webinar will focus on how aircraft designers obtain certification for protection against lightning and how they design aircraft that can withstand the effects of high intensity lightning stroke currents and indirect effects of electromagnetic field coupling into electronics systems. The webinar will also discuss how hardening aircraft to the effects of EMP is important.

Computational electromagnetics (CEM) analysis codes are increasingly used during the certification process to enhance and streamline expensive physical tests. CST STUDIO SUITE offers powerful CEM modeling and solver technology for simulating lightning and EMP effects. Special techniques are available for efficiently representing critical features such as composite airframe paneling, joints between panels and internal cable systems. CST’s field solvers may be accelerated using high performance computing systems to minimize simulation times. This presentation will provide an overview of CST’s modeling technology and approach for lightning and EMP simulation, along with several application examples.

DavidJohns2014_resizedDavid P. Johns PhD

Dr. David Johns is VP of Engineering at CST of America. He received his PhD from Nottingham University UK in 1996 for developing a new 3D frequency-domain Transmission-Line Matrix (TLM) method. Dr. Johns has over 25 years of experience in developing and applying electromagnetic field simulation. He specializes in EMC, EMI and electromagnetic environmental effects (E3) applications.