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Topics include:

  • EMC testing case studies: A review of real-world examples of EMC testing, including challenges encountered, solutions implemented, and lessons learned
  • AR’s Newest Line of Microwave Amplifiers
  • And more!


Kenneth Wyatt

Dean Landers

Supervisor of Applications Engineering, AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation

WEBINAR: EMC Testing Case Studies: A Review of Real-World Examples of EMC Testing, Including Challenges Encountered, Solutions Implemented, and Lessons Learned

This webinar will provide an in-depth review of real-world examples of EMC testing, including challenges encountered, solutions implemented, and lessons learned. The presentation will cover a variety of industries, including medical devices, automotive electronics, and aerospace systems, and will include case studies of products that underwent EMC testing in compliance with various standards and regulations, such as CISPR, FCC, and CE marking. The webinar will also cover different types of EMC testing, such as radiated emissions testing, conducted emissions testing, and immunity testing, and will explore the different techniques and equipment used in these tests. By examining these case studies, attendees will gain a better understanding of the complexities and nuances of EMC testing, and will learn practical tips and best practices for preparing for and conducting EMC testing. The webinar will be of interest to design engineers, product managers, and anyone involved in the development of electronic products that require EMC compliance. 

Kenneth Wyatt

Dale Hauck

Applications Engineer, AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation

PRODUCT DEMO: AR’s Newest Line of Microwave Amplifiers

Introducing AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation’s new line of microwave high power amplifiers is the range of 6 to 18 GHz.

Kenneth Wyatt

Paul Dixon

Staff Scientist, Laird Performance Materials

WEBINAR: Near Field Absorbers

Near Field Absorbers:

  • What do we mean by near field noise suppression absorbers?
  • Noise Suppressor Applications
    • EMI issues
    • Hardware
  • Why use noise suppressors rather than shielding?
  • When to use near field vs far field absorbers
    • How do noise suppressors differ from other absorbers?
  • Characterizing noise suppressors
    • Testing methods
    • Noise suppressor electromagnetic properties
  • Theory behind near field absorbers
    • Properties of electromagnetic energy in the extreme near field
    • General absorber properties
    • Description of energy reflection/transmission at a material interface
  • Necessary characteristics of a good noise suppression absorber
Kenneth Wyatt

David Armitage

Components Engineering Manager, Quality Manager, Schaffner EMC

WEBINAR: Mastering EMC Integration for Product Design, Redesign & Retrofitting

When integrating various products that have been deemed compliant to create a new product, the “new” product may have its own individual compliance challenges. Substituting an alternative product or material into an existing build may cause unforeseen issues as well. This presentation will review some things to keep in mind when combining ‘compliant’ products, laying out systems, and troubleshooting with filters.


Anritsu Company
Anritsu Company


We’re still revving up for the program and will continue to flesh out the show’s agenda and list of speakers in the coming weeks.

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