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EMC Live Fundamentals 2023 is a one-day, online event to help you with all your EMC needs. Join us for webinars and product demos that will spark creativity, solve everyday problems, and master your knowledge in EMC. 

Fair-Rite, Laird: a Dupont Company, and RECOM Power GmbH are excited to be a resource to you and take your EMC and EMI testing, design, and production to the next level. We can’t wait to see you at EMC Live Fundamentals!


Kenneth Wyatt

Josefine Lametschwandtner

EMC Engineer, RECOM Power


RECOM presents a new setting of webinars. In this first section, you will learn about filtering, the different types and structures of filtering, as well as how filters are defined in standards.

The webinar will first show different topologies and how to use them. Furthermore, it will present the different types of disturbances where these topologies could be used.

Not only will you learn about the structures of filters, but also about some effects you really want to avoid. Depending on the setup and a bad selection of components, a filter can create more troubles than it solves.

This webinar will give you awareness of which filter types are suitable for the different kind of disturbances, and which phenomena you should know about to design a good and effective filter for your application.

Kenneth Wyatt

Michael Arasim

Lead Product Manager, Fair-Rite Products Corp.

with Ferrite Materials

Ferrite is used as in many types of components. One of the best known AND least understood is the ferrite-based choke or suppressor. We’re going to go over the high-level theory of how ferrites function in a suppression application. We will then go through some of the considerations that need to be taken when working with ferrite suppressors. This informative presentation will aid in being able to effectively implement ferrite as an EMI mitigation strategy. 

Kenneth Wyatt

Ivan Xu

Senior Product Manager, Laird Performance Materials

WEBINAR: CoolZorb – Hybrid Materials to
Solve Both Thermal and EMI Problems

Laird Performance Materials, a Dupont company, will bring you a unique solution that can solve both thermal and EMI problems in widely used electronic devices for different industries such as datacom, telecom and automotive. The webinar will cover typical using scenarios, CoolZorb product portfolio, key properties, and benefits of applying the product in your applications. 

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We’re still revving up for the program and will continue to flesh out the show’s agenda and list of speakers in the coming weeks.

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