Below are the questions asked during the live event, along with their respective answers.

Q: Do you have those videos you showed as examples available for view somewhere?
A: We have a series of web locations that include these and related videos. Here are 2 pages to start with:

Q: Does Rigol offer a product that can store antenna calibration factors so the amplitudes are in the familiar dBµv/meter units?
A: All of our spectrum analyzers store correction factors. The units shown on the display can be in dBm, dBmV, dBuV, Volts, or Watts. Any dB correction factor can be used as long as you are aware of the units that you have converted the signal to, rather than what might be shown on the display.

Q: Which models are most frequently purchased for EMI Pre-Compliance Measurements currently?
A: The RSA3000N series is currently the most popular EMI solution from RIGOL. These models currently come with the EMI mode and PreAmplifier for free. They also have the VNA mode included. Depending on your frequency requirements, the 1.5, 3, or 4.5 GHz models can be selected. The RSA3015N starts at $2299.