EMC LIVE: Fundamentals is a two-day, free online learning event for engineers who work in EMC design and testing over a wide range of applications.

It brings together expert speakers in the field to cover the basics of EMC principles across a variety of industries and markets. Topics include common EMI problems and solutions, essentials of designing for EMC compliance, and troubleshooting EMC issues with equipment like near field probes and preamplifiers. Attendees will learn the latest innovations and techniques directly from industry specialists in two days full of technical presentations and product demonstrations.

Whether you’re just getting started in the world of EMC or you’re a seasoned pro looking to brush up on the basics, EMC LIVE: Fundamentals has you covered.


Mike Violette

Patrick Andre

KEYNOTE: Lessons from the front line of EMI troubleshooting

10:00 – 10:45 am EDT

In this keynote presentation, Patrick will draw upon his 38 years of experience working in Electromagnetic Capability to share lessons learned and mistakes made. Working as a troubleshooter of EMI, he’s learned to be suspicious of the statement that “nothing has changed.” He will also discuss issues which tend to cause the most problems at the test stage; when in the heat of testing, it pays to be a skeptic!

Dale Hauck

Jeff Chereson

Integrating EMI/EMC filtering – Made easy with APITech

11:00 – 11:45 am EDT

APITech understands there are many options when choosing the best method to design in EMI filtering into your systems. We will show you how to incorporate power and signal filters onto the board or into your system with EMI filters and interconnects. Join us and explore a complete line of coaxial EMI electromagnetic spectrum management solutions. From components to complex assemblies. Learn the pros and cons of each method and find the right solution for your next design.

Dale Hauck

Dale Hauck

Product Demo: Introducing emcware 6.0 with Multi-Tone Testing Functionality

12:45 pm – 01:15 pm EDT

Emcware is a comprehensive EMC test software package for radiated susceptibility, conducted immunity, radiated emissions, and conducted emissions. This powerful software package contains pre-defined test profiles for hundreds of the most commonly performed test standards and test levels to allow the test engineer to quickly setup and execute EMC testing. With the recently-released emcware 6.0, multitone immunity testing functionality is now available, reducing test time by up to 50%. With multitone, multiple frequencies are tested simultaneously, reducing test time and increasing lab throughput. In this product demo, emcware 6.0 will be presented. From populating the Equipment List, selecting and setting up a test, to executing a test and report generation. Additional focus will be given to the multitone capability, demonstrating set-up and execution of a multitone test.

John Buchwald

Jason Papka

Utilizing Advanced, Integrated EMI Solutions to Improve Performance of Data Centers and Enterprise Applications

01:30 pm – 02:15 pm EDT

As technologies become more connected, powerful, and prevalent , EMI has become a critical component in all electronic applications; is especially true in large scale data processing and storage. This webinar, hosted by Boyd Corporation, will cover designing for EMI requirements in Enterprise, Cloud, 5G, and Hyperscale applications. This includes developing multi-functional solutions to save on space, weight, and cost while improving overall application performance.

Chris Loberg & Kenneth Wyatt

Srdjan Djordjevic & Max Katz

Predicting System-Level Electromagnetic Noise and Immunity by Simulating using 3D FDTD Solver Technology with Graphic Processor Units

02:30 pm – 03:15 pm EDT

Simulating electromagnetic compliance (EMC) can save weeks of time and tens of thousands of dollars in product development time and budget. However, design teams are challenged by the large scale of such simulations, so many default to the time-consuming process of building physical prototypes and performing initial testing in the lab and test chamber. Design teams need practical simulation technology capable of consuming large amounts of data and returning accurate results in a reasonable time period that enables design optimization in real time rather than rely on building and debugging physical prototypes. This paper will discuss how 3D finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) technology combined with a massively parallel architecture allows multiple GPUs to provide rapid simulation turnaround time, enabling design flows that accelerate EMC and ensure sufficient immunity to outside interference. A case study of a vehicle electronic control unit (ECU) will be presented that showcases this technology.

Travis Amrine

Dean Landers

What’s with the number? Decrypting the math of EMC

10:00 am – 10:45 am EDT

Logarithms, sliding scales, unit conversions, and some trigonometry. The EMC industry requires lots of math, and some of it we haven’t seen since high school.  This webinar presentation will help viewers understand where the equations come from, understand quick unit conversions, and help viewers understand how a dB is always a dB.

Lou Feudi

Lou Feudi

Selecting The Proper Chamber to Satisfy your Testing Requirements – Which One is Right for You?!

11:00 am – 11:45 am EDT

With the various IEC, MIL and ISO standards required to be met in the EU and worldwide, it is important to identify which type of chamber meets the requirements of which standard. This seminar identifies Anechoic, Semi Anechoic, Automotive, MIL STD, DO-160 and reverb chambers and how which chamber satisfies standard.

Chris Armstrong

Gabriel Alcala & Gerry Spinelli

PRODUCT DEMO: Narda PMM ER8000/9000 – Next Generation EMI Receiver

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm EDT

PMM next Generation ER Series Receivers provide best in class performance, easily outperforming receivers costing multiple of times more in speed and bandwidth when performing CISPR 16-1-1 Full Compliant testing. Now, purchasing an EMI receiver to perform in-house compliance testing doesn’t break the bank.

David Armitage

David Armitage

EMC power line filters and basic EMC design review

01:00 pm – 01:45 pm EDT

This presentation will review various power line filters available to bring your unit into compliance with EMC standards. We will review design aspects of the filters and provide guidance on how to choose them. The presentation will also review basic EMC guidelines to keep in mind while laying out PCB’s and your unit. Keeping these ideas in mind during your design will reduce issues you have during final compliance testing.

David Armitage

Christophe Loret

Absorbers: Emerging Trends

03:00 pm – 03:45 pm EDT

Escalating frequencies pose daunting design engineering obstacles. Design leaders must mitigate rampant waste energy. They often must do so by fitting EMI solutions within compact, ever-smaller device spaces. What happens when a single device design can contain three, four, five or more emission sources? The EMI headaches worsen significantly. In his talk, Laird’s Christophe Loret provides not only a refresher on absorber fundamentals, challenges and current solutions but an expert forecast on future trends in EMI absorption at higher frequencies. He will review absorber basics and how free space, cavity resonance and near field absorbers function. Christophe will explain how each absorber differs according to the specific EMI issue which must be addressed – and resolved.

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We’re still revving up for the program and will continue to flesh out the show’s agenda and list of speakers in the coming weeks.

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