What’s EMC LIVE: Automotive?

EMC LIVE: Automotive is a free online event that brings together a lineup of expert speakers to present on the most recent developments and innovations in automotive EMC.

Join hundreds of other EMC engineers to attend technical presentations featuring industry thought leaders.

The event covers topics like autonomous and electric vehicles, standards for automotive products, EMC theory and product design, and more.

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Dr. Min Zhang


KEYNOTE: Fast Circuits for Fast Cars

A Review of Fast Switching Circuit Boards and their EMC Impact on Electric Vehicles

When electronic devices get switched faster, they create more Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). In a typical modern electric vehicle, fast switching events can be traced to modules such as powertrains, DC-DCs, onboard-chargers (OBC), high voltage junction boxes, and more. In this presentation, Dr. Min Zhang gives an overview of fast switching circuit boards and their EMC impact at the vehicle level. Design and troubleshooting techniques are introduced to help automotive engineers solve their EMC problems using the most cost-effective solutions.

Eric Trantina


Higher Frequency ADAS Radar

The EMI, Thermal Mitigation, and Dense Design Challenges Lying Ahead
for Automotive Component Suppliers

With ADAS radar frequencies tripling to 77 GHz from 24 GHz, automotive design engineers immediately understand that an immediate and optimal response to emerging technological trends is mandatory. Higher data rate, reduced package size, and demands for greater functionality are trend lines here to stay. All affect decision-making. All contribute to an ever-growing list of energy management issues including higher frequency EMI, near field EMI, and greater thermal density. Heat and EMI are increasingly interrelated. Examine what you can do to correctly predict system performance with the help of computer modeling. It can lead to correct choices or even space-saving multifunctional EMI and thermal protective materials now answering the call for help. Planners need correct answers because the data rate of digital signals translates directly to the frequency of EMI radiation. Are you addressing EMI and heat as interrelated challenges?

Steve Frierson


PRODUCT DEMO: Automotive Testing Utilizing a Portable Vibrating Intrinsic Reverberation Chamber (VIRC)

This presentation will demonstrate how our unique portable RF shielded enclosures provide an ambient-free environment to facilitate Reverberation testing of automotive devices and vehicles. Our Portable Vibrating Intrinsic Reverberation Chamber (VIRC) provides the ultimate in performance, cost, and portability benefits for reverberation testing applications including CISPR- 25 pre-compliance in house EMI/EMC analysis, thereby streamlining the compliance testing process.

Mark Miles


Everything You Need to Know About Chambers for Automotive EMC Testing

Anechoic chambers are necessary for many of the tests involved in automotive EMC testing. We will be looking into what is needed in today’s automotive EMC Chamber and discussing Shielding Effectiveness, how to properly size a chamber, 40 GHz performance, and other topics that could affect accreditation. Elements sometimes overlooked will also be identified, such as fire detection & suppression and door maintenance.

Mark Miles


PRODUCT DEMO: AR Automotive EMC Chambers

Automotive electronics developments have impacted automotive EMC testing by exposing higher frequency RF technologies to the lab. AR is making this easier for the lab and Test Engineering by bringing state-of-the-art shielding capabilities to their product line-up by joining forces with Comtest, a leader in shielding technologies and RF absorber techniques. In addition to being a technology leader, AR is now a full-service EMC solution provider. We will discuss how AR chambers use the latest in RF technologies to make testing repeatable, reproducible, and safe from 10 kHz to above 40 GHz to support these new technologies in ways that legacy shielding could not.

Zachariah Peterson


Advances and Challenges in Automotive Radar Module Design

Radar modules used in new automobiles have seen many advances at the chip level, board level, and signal processing level. Newer modules face multiple challenges related to increasing point cloud density, prevent on-module and inter-module interference, and coexistence with other wireless protocols, particularly as 5G rollouts get pushed into higher frequencies. This presentation will review recent advances in automotive radar design with an eye towards EMI suppression, as well as advances in other design aspects that have helped increase accuracy in these systems. Finally, some newer design paradigms will be presented with an eye towards EMI suppression in car radar modules.

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