Below are the questions asked during the live event, along with their respective answers.

Q: How do you determine which MIL-STD tests may apply to an IoT device?
A: To determine the MIL-STD tests that apply to IoT requires that the installation and service be specified. That is, the procuring service (Army, Air Force, Navy, Space Force) have different tests and test levels, depending on the use. For example, equipment to be placed in a submarine will have very different test levels than a device that will be used above-deck on an aircraft carrier. Usually, the requirements will be determined contractually and/or with respect to a procurement specification.

Q: How are the FCC and MIL authorities handling spectrum contention issues with re-allocated MIL frequencies?
A: The FCC has developed a Shared Access arrangement whereby devices that use MIL bands have to check a database of active MIL (mostly Naval radars) transmitters. If a MIL use is active in a certain band, the commercial radio must not transmit at that frequency band.