EMC Fundamentals
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EMC LIVE: EMC Fundamentals is a one-day, free online learning event for engineers who work in EMC design and testing over a wide range of applications.

It brings together expert speakers in the field to cover the basics of EMC principles across a variety of industries and markets. Topics include common EMI problems and solutions, essentials of designing for EMC compliance, and troubleshooting EMC issues with equipment like near field probes and preamplifiers.

Attendees will learn the latest innovations and techniques directly from industry specialists in a day full of technical presentations and product demonstrations.

Whether you’re just getting started in the world of EMC or you’re a seasoned pro looking to brush up on the basics, EMC LIVE: EMC Fundamentals has you covered. 


Kenneth Wyatt

Kenneth Wyatt

Principal Consultant, Wyatt Technical Services, LLC
Sponsored by AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation

KEYNOTE – Disruptive Technologies and the Need for EMC Education

Disruptive technologies are advancing at such a fast pace that designers are having trouble keeping up. In our lifetimes, we’re seeing major transformations within the automotive industry, wireless communication, military/space systems…. Continue Reading

Flynn Lawrence

Flynn Lawrence

Supervisor of Applications Engineering
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation


In this product demo, we discuss the importance of EMC chambers for use in radiated immunity testing, touching on the differences in chamber requirements between… Continue Reading

David Armitage

David Armitage

Manager of Engineering
Schaffner EMC

How to Design and Select Filters

This presentation will show how filters can help resolve issues when EMI is causing equipment from working as expected. A simple application will be studied showing how… Continue Reading

Bruce Sparrow and Michael Arasim

Bruce Sparrow | Michael Arasim

Product Manager of Suppression Applications | Power and Inductive Products Manager
Fair-Rite Products Corp.

PRODUCT DEMO – Choosing the Right Snap-It® Noise Suppression Core to Attain EMI Compliance

Since 1952, Fair-Rite Products Corp. has been providing the electronics industry with a variety of ferrite products to solve EMC issues. Follow along with Fair-Rite Products’ Bruce Sparrow, Product Manager for Suppression Applications, as he explains… Continue Reading

Jon Buchwald

Jon Buchwald

VP, Sales and Marketing
XGR Technologies

PRODUCT DEMO – Space Saving Board Level EMI Shielding

This presentation will demonstrate how a unique board level EMI shield can enable the board designer to save up to 75% in board space in the trace width around the shielded cavity perimeter. In addition to space savings around the perimeter… Continue Reading

Chris Armstrong

Chris Armstrong

Director of Product Marketing & SW Applications
Rigol Technologies

Debugging IoT Designs from Device Characterization to Pre-Compliance Testing

The IoT designer faces complex challenges throughout the product development cycle. From selecting components and testing layouts to signal analysis and compliance engineers need the capability to characterize RF systems and signals… Continue Reading

Neil Moore

Neil Moore

Product Manager

PRODUCT DEMO – Selective Shielding in Action

Learn about the need for board-level shielding and how the selective shielding process can improve your design. Neil will demonstrate how Shield Cans and Clips will simplify production, saving you time and… Continue Reading

Steve Frierson

Steve Frierson

Business Development Manager
V Technical Textiles, Inc.

PRODUCT DEMO – Portable RF Shielded Enclosures for Pre Compliance EMI Testing Applications

This presentation will demonstrate how our unique portable RF shielded enclosures provide an ambient free environment to facilitate accurate EMI testing and failure mitigation. The performance, cost, and portability benefits… Continue Reading

Chris Loberg and Ken Wyatt

Chris Loberg | Kenneth Wyatt

Marketing Manager | Principal Consultant
Tektronix | Wyatt Technical Services, LLC

EMI Troubleshooting Made Easier Using a 3-Step Process

With radiated emissions causing unexpected EMI compliance issues late in the design cycle; learn how to pinpoint the root cause and elimination of offending emission sources using…. Continue Reading

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App Note: EMC 101

As new technologies develop, compliance to EMC test standards is essential. This Application Note provides you with a basic understanding of EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), EMI (Electromagnetic Interference), and their real-world applications. You’ll learn the fundamentals of EMC regulations and standards, their legal implications, and the importance of EMC testing in preventing design flaws that can create costly recalls or changes.

When you attend EMC LIVE, you’ll be in great company with hundreds of other leaders in the industry.

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