Below are the questions asked during the live event, along with their respective answers.

Q: Is there a requirement on the voltage harmonics on the DC line?
A: No, LV123 does not specify voltage harmonics on DC lines. But a similar test is the Voltage Ripple Emission test.

Q: Can you please provide information on other standards that led to development of LV123?
A: There is no earlier version or similar standard that lead to LV123. It is based on the (early) experience by car manufacturers.

Q: Are these tests conducted on all onboard equipment?
A: Yes, on all high voltage components.

Q: Is the current defined for these tests, or just voltage?
A: The current depends on the power of the component and is therefore not specified.

Q: How can one obtain the automotive mfr standards (e.g. VW 80303 series); these are usually proprietary?
A: From the car manufacturers, most of the times provided together with the requirement specifications of the component.

Q: Do you anticipate any other jurisdictions will adopt these test requirements? IS ISO or SAE
A: ISO 7637-4 (technical report) includes some tests, i.e. voltage ripple tests.

Q: What about Load Dump test specified in VW 80300: EHV-10 Load Dump? In this case, it is described as an HV voltage pulse. Is the EM Test HV Test Generator ready to perform this pulse?
A: VW 80303 defines two “load dump” pulses with different pulse specifications. The slower one can be generated by a fast power supply (i.e. EM Test NetWave) directly. For the faster one, a pulse generator (i.e. EM Test UCS 200N) plus a coupling transformer (i.e. EM Test CN 200N series) is required.