Below are the questions asked during the live event, along with their respective answers.

Q: What type of frequency mitigation do you see in the 10-20Ghz range?
A: With EESeals we can get mitigation up to around 3GHz. The new EESeal+ can mitigate issues up to 50GHz.

Q: Has the EESeal been tested for mate demates?
A: EESeals have been tested for durability in a MIL-C-38999 connector up to 500 mates and demates.

Q: How do the EESeals respond to compression? Will it fracture the MLCCs?
A: EESeals are designed to use the compressive forces of the silicone rubber to protect the internal devices. The silicone rubber will compress around 20%.

Q: Are there alternatives to the EESeal?
A: There are many ways to solve EMI, but the most effective place is in the connector with the shortest ground path. Filtered connectors or spinning the board to add caps are two alternatives.

Q: What is the maximum power or voltage level an EESeal MOV or TVS can handle?
A: We typically use 0402 or 0603 devices inside EESeals (sometimes 0201 or up to 1206). We use the highest rated voltages possible and have capacitor up to 2KV.

Q: What’s the temperature range for the filter inserts?
A: -55C to 125C