Below are the questions asked during the live event, along with their respective answers.

Q: One difficulty I’ve had in using other interference hunting systems was integrating third-party mapping to the PC. How does Anritsu handle this?
A: There are 2 maps sources Anritsu supports, Google Maps and Open Street Maps. Implementation of mapping software depends on both the mapping solution and Anritsu product.
Mobile Interference Hunting System (MX280007A)
Both Google Maps and Open Street Maps are available for this product. GPS and an internet connection is required to use Google Maps. Open street maps only requires GPS because the user will need to download the needed map based on location.

Vision Remote Spectrum Monitoring (MS2710xA)
Both Google Maps and Open Street Maps are available for this product. An internet connection is required and GPS is optional on the remote probes to use both Google Maps and Open Street Maps.

easyMaps (Handheld Spectrum Analyzers)
Google Maps is available for the handheld devices. Depending on the zoom level of the map(s) desired, the user may have to register (free) with Google to get the enhanced features of the API. The implementation requires users to download the desired map(s) to the PC and then transfer them to the handheld instrument via a USB drive. GPS on the handheld instrument is required.

Q: What type of bandwidth is required for remote monitoring?
A: Bandwidth is a real concern for users who rely on cellular data plans to pull information back to the central location. With the amount of variables involved, a range of 25 kbps to 25 Mbps is possible, can be provided without a clear understanding of the application. There are multiple configuration parameters built into the hardware and software to control the amount of bandwidth used. Some of these include user selectable/schedulable data query intervals, firmware based data throttling controls and on-device data storage.

Q: Is there an API?
A: Yes, there is documented API listed on the website. Find it here.

Q: Are you partnered with any integrators?
A: Yes, we are partnered with multiple integrators worldwide. Many of them utilize the API to pull data into their solutions. The speed and flexibility of the data acquisition hardware (MS2710xA’s) have allowed for a variety of applications to be built. We welcome discussions with new integrators and new market opportunities.