Below are the questions asked during the live event, along with their respective answers.

Q: Do you ever see programs that call out two different standards for the same type of testing, i.e. Rev F for one susceptibility testing, and REV G for the other susceptibility test? And why?
A: Some programs call out DO-160E for sec 21 radiated emissions as the start frequency is 2MHz opposed to DO-160F and G where the start frequency is 100MHz. The lower frequency data provides additional information especially if previous testing on this program was to DO-160E.

Q: What sort of changes are coming for DO-160 rev H?
A: The RTCA SC-135 is currently working on change proposals for the DO-160 H version.
Overall the goal is to review all sections and provide clarity to the current standard.
It is too early to speculate the actual changes as this has to go through a voting process.
The release of DO-160H is still probably 18-24months away.

Q: Is it possible to do radiated emissions and radiated immunity in a reverb chamber?
A: Yes, the current DO-160G sec 21.6 does allow for reverberation chamber Radiated RF Emissions, as well as sec 20.1 Radiated Susceptibility, as an alternative procedure.