Technical Webinar

Increase Efficiency and Flexibility in EMC Testing with “Smart” Broadband Amplifier?


There have been many changes over the years in how RF amplifiers are constructed. The basic amplifier design and mode of operation have however remained relatively unchanged until recently. This Webinar will walk you through a new class of “smart amplifiers” that have enabled substantial improvements in terms of both flexibility and efficiency.

We will walk you through key parameters in the design and use of broadband amplifier for EMC testing, and how advances made help increase efficiency. You will learn how “smart” amplifiers allow user-defined, dynamic, and simultaneous variation of the core amplifier parameters, such as operating class and VSWR, during operation. This enables performance optimization for an extremely wide range of applications.

Paul Denisowski

Paul Denisowski

Application Engineer, Rohde & Schwarz

Paul Denisowski is an Application Engineer at Rohde & Schwarz, where he specializes in solutions for EMC and radio frequency interference issues. He has over 20 years of both lab and field experience in test and measurement and has authored numerous whitepapers and webinars on a wide variety of interference-related topics. Paul holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University and was also a visiting lecturer at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.