Technical Webinar

Advances in Receiver Test Methodologies

Troubleshooting failing emission tests has become a major pain point for every EMC engineer. Localizing intermittent signals or multiple layers of broadband and narrowband signals can be frustrating, even for the most seasoned RF engineer. During this technical session, we will compare different measurement methodologies and demonstrate how previously hidden signals can easily be detected. We will cover measurements such as Frequency Swept, Frequency Stepped and Time Domain Scan as well as real-time spectrum views with persistence mode that allow to differentiate between multiple source signals. EMC engineers as well as Test Laboratories are starting to invest in technology that provides invaluable diagnostic capability and speed of iterative testing to maximize their success in product certification.

Rohde & Schwarz
Bill Wangard

Bill Wangard

Bill Wangard is the EMI Receiver, Amplifier, and EMC Software Product Manager at Rohde & Schwarz. He has 20+ years of RF and Receiver experience at Motorola and Rohde & Schwarz. Bill authored numerous patents at Motorola.