2017 Product Demo

When Shielding Isn’t Enough: Using Multi-Function Springs to Address Tough Design Demands

Participants in this session will learn how to leverage the electrical and mechanical properties of the canted coil spring to shield against EMI while reducing system complexity, size and weight, and improving overall service life and reliability. Specific examples of combined fastening (latching, locking and holding) and EMI shielding applications will be shown, as will spring shielding performance data in a range of frequencies. The presentation will also compare springs with other available shielding technologies, and explore the roles that wire materials, plating types and thicknesses, coil angles and other design factors play in the determination of spring insertion and removal forces and shielding effectiveness.

Derek Changsrivong

Derek Changsrivong

Sr. Project Engineer

Derek Changsrivong is a Senior Project Engineer for the Research and Development Group at Bal Seal Engineering, focusing on the development of connector solutions for applications in aerospace, automotive, medical, analytical, energy and other industries. He holds several patents related to canted coil spring technology. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and Material Science Engineering from University of California at Irvine.