2017 Product Demo

The R&S®ESW EMC Receiver: EMC Live’s 2016 Product of the Year

the R&S® ESW EMI receiver from Rohde and Schwarz delivers superior noise floor, higher dynamic range, and an intuitive graphical user interface. Time domain scan enables to dramatically shorten test time, and a real-time mode with persistence display provides revolutionary insight into the time characteristics of emissions and helps in identifying the sources of those emissions. And these are only some of the features why this instrument will speed up and help to better your EMI measurements.

This demonstration will walk you through the steps of creating customer limit lines, setting up and executing a scan with and without time domain scan, interactively analyzing the peaks, and then analyzing the emissions with real-time mode persistency display and spectrogram. Join us and find out what all that hype is about!

Bill Wangard

Bill Wangard is the EMI Receiver and Radio monitoring Product Manager at Rohde & Schwarz. He has 20+ years of RF and Receiver experience at Motorola and Rohde & Schwarz. Bill authored numerous patents at Motorola.


The following questions were asked during the live presentation. Click each question to view its answer.

Is a spectrogram essentially a frequency response changing with time?

Spectrogram a three-dimensional view of the spectrum on a two-dimensional display. The x-axis is frequency, the y-axis is time, and the color represents the signal strength.

Does it work with EMC32?


Do we need to worry about the chip's internal PLL clock frequency, say 2GHz, when what we see outside the chip is 400MHz?

No, the receiver has specification for spurious responses if that is the root of the question.