Teseq NSG4060 Your Solution for 61000-4-16 & 4-19 Testing

Product Demo

Overview: Now available as a rental, Teseq’s new NSG4060 is an all in one solution for 61000-4-16 & 4-19 testing. This product has an integrated signal generator, amplifier, and monitoring ports and a full range of specialized coupling networks are available to meet almost any application. For more information, click here.

Gabriel Alcala

Speaker: Gabriel Alcala

Alcala is well versed in international test and compliance standards. He has worked in the test equipment industry for nearly 10 years. As Business Development Manager at Advanced Test Equipment Rentals, Alcala ensures the quality of products, calibration, and experience for customers. He is also a participant in the EMC community.

Andreas Klink

Speaker: Andreas Klink

Slides are available to download within the On Demand webinar.