Quell Presents: A Simple Way to Filter out Unwanted EMI at the Connector

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Watch our simple way to turn connectors into EMI filtered connectors in seconds. EESeal® Silicone Rubber Inserts for connectors are an easy production solution compared to bulky adapters, filtered connectors, and other traditional EMI/ESD solutions. The EESeal® is made of resilient silicone rubber that is quick and easy to install in seconds by using just your finger tip and the mating connector. Register to see our “before and after” demonstration.


Scott LindbergPresenter: Scott Lindberg
Mr. Lindberg is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Quell Corporation, Albuquerque, NM. Scott has been in electronics industry for over 30 years and previously worked in the semiconductor industry as VP of Sales & Marketing Operations for Microsemi Corporation. Throughout his career he has served on many boards and committees and occupied most of the executive committee positions for the Electronics Representative Association (ERA). He became a Certified Professional Manufacturer’s Representative (CPMR) early in the program and then became a member and officer for the Board of Governors that has oversight of the program. He also was a member of the executive committee of the Manufacturer’s Representative Educational Research Foundation (MRERF). Lindberg received a B.A. degree in Business Administration from the University of New Mexico.

The following are questions presented to the speaker by the attendees during the webinar, along with answers to each.

What is the smallest pitched connector that you could produce?
Answer: Today the smallest pitched connector is the two row MicroD connectors. We can also filter 3 row MicroD connectors, but we currently cannot filter the middle row due to space. A partial list of connectors can be found on our website. If your connector is not listed, let us know as we do custom connectors all of the time with no tooling charge.

Could you produce EESeal for DVI connectors?
Answer: We can absolutely make EESeals for DVI connectors. The key with any EESeal is making sure we size the capacitance and voltages appropriately to keep the signal integrity on each pin.  Every pin can be treated individually which allows EESeals to solve a multitude of issues, and samples can ship in 24-48 hours.

Is there any fixture to apply EESeal in a mass production?
Answer: The best “fixture” or “tool” to install an EESeal is the mating connector.  Quell also has distributors around the world that will supply connectors with the EESeal already installed.

Is each design specific to the requirement raised by end user or are some general purpose also available in the market?
Answer: Most EMI/ESD issues are specific to the customers application and the EESeals are designed to each customers exact specification. Our website has an easy form (FREE SAMPLES) to complete to let us know your specific needs.