New Product Introduction! The Best EMI Receiver to Date from Rohde & Schwarz!

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With a long history of developing world class and industry leading EMI Receivers, the R&S® ESW is no exception. Superior noise floor, dynamic range, speed with time domain scan, a real-time mode with persistence display for EMI diagnostics and an intuitive graphical user interface. And these are only some of the features why this instrument will speed up and help to better your EMI measurements.

This demonstration will walk you through the steps of creating customer limit lines, setting up and executing a scan with and without time domain scan, interactively analyzing the peaks, and then analyzing the emissions with real-time mode persistency display and spectrogram. Join us and find out what all that hype is about!

Bill WangardPresenter: Bill Wangard
Bill Wangard is the EMI Receiver and Radio monitoring Product Manager at Rohde & Schwarz. He has 20+ years of RF and Receiver experience at Motorola and Rohde & Schwarz. Bill authored numerous patents at Motorola.

The following are questions presented to the speaker by the attendees during the webinar, along with answers to each.

How does the RealTime measurement compare to QP measurements?
Answer: QP measurements are made with a type of detector setting with specific charge and discharge time constants used for a subset of EMI compliance measurements.  Real-time measurements are not compliance measurements.  Real-time measurements are used to provide revolutionary insight into the time characteristics of emissions to aid in indentifying the sources of those emissions, in short real-time is an EMI debug tool.

Time domain scan feature is not extra and payable? What about real time spectrogram?
Answer: Time Domain Scan in the ESW is standard, built-in at no extra cost.  The Real-time mode is an option.  The spectrogram displays are included standard, but to have the real-time spectrogram display the real-time option must be purchased.

Does R&S offer training classes for purchasers of the ESW?
Answer: R&S application engineers will provide a couple hours of free training with the purchase of an ESW.