New Lightning Simulator from EMC Partner!

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Already well established as supplier of equipment to test indirect lighting effects, EMC PARTNER introduces the AVI3000, an innovative test system for DO-160 section 22 and the new requirements of MIL-STD-461 CS117. Full compliance up to level 3 for Pin Injection and Cable Bundle tests including Single Stroke, Multiple Stroke and Multiple Burst. An EMC PARTNER representative, active member of the SAE AE2 committee, explains why AVI3000 is the best solution to test indirect lighting effects according to latest standard requirements.

Nicholas WrightPresenter: Nicholas Wright
Nicholas Wright, international sales manager for EMC PARTNER AG in Laufen Switzerland, graduated from Worcester College. Extensive experience in the defence industry provided a good foundation for a later transition to the EMC world. After 20 years in EMC, as development engineer and product line manager he became active in standardization of indirect lightning as member of the SAE AE2 committee with responsibility for DO-160 Section 22.