Keynote: Autonomous Vehicles – Roadway to the Future

Overview: What will our life be like with autonomous vehicles? Will it be the anticipated utopia or will there are new concerns that have to be considered? How will people regard this disrupting technology as it evolves?

The presentation provides a brief history of Automated Vehicles and Highways going back to 1925. The speaker was Technical Leader for his company’s participation in the 1997 National Automated Highway Demonstration where autonomous vehicles were successfully demonstrated to be technologically feasible on a prototype automated highway in San Diego.

Semi-automated features are being introduced on today’s automobiles. Many more features are in product development and nearing production. The presentation will discuss adoption of these features and will show how vehicle to vehicle communication will facilitate the future of autonomous vehicles.

Finally, the presentation will offer a future vision of what life may be like with autonomous vehicles.

Robert Neff

Speaker: Robert Neff

Bob Neff retired from Eaton Corporation where he held various technical, marketing and managerial positions. The majority of his time was spent in the VORAD Division working on collision warning, adaptive cruise control and blind spot warning using 24 and 77 GHz radar. He also served as Technical Lead for Eaton’s participation in the National Automated Highway Demonstration in 1997.

Bob is currently a corporate officer in the Intrass Corporation, which is a startup company involved in 5.9 GHz Dedicated Short Range Radio Communication (DSRC) technology for Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communications. He is a current member of the SAE DSRC Standards Technical Committee that has written the interoperability standard SAE J2735 and Chairman of IEEE in Southeastern Michigan.

Slides are available to download within the On Demand webinar.