Electromagnetic Emission: Measurement Without an Anechoic Chamber

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Imagine, your production-ready electronic device has just failed an EMC radiated emissions test. Wouldn’t it have been better to discover and solve this problem much earlier, during the initial design cycle?

In this webinar we will discuss the relationships between integrated circuits, PCB design and system-level radiated emissions. The use of a shielding tent, sized to fit on your desk, will save the engineer developing time and effort. Real-life radiated emissions issues will be explained, analyzed and solved. The analysis and discussion of a real-life example will provide attendees with a better understanding of troubleshooting and solving practical EMC emissions problems.

Who Should Attend?
Developers, Designers, Engineers and Test Lab Engineers

Sven KonigSpeaker: Sven König, Dipl.-Ing. (BA)
After finishing High School, Sven studied electrical engineering. During his studies he gained practical experiences in EMC/EMI, as he developed electronical devices. Having finished his scholastics he advanced his experiences in different small sized enterprises. In 2007 Sven joined the team of Langer EMV-Technik GmbH as development engineer. Langer EMV-Technik GmbH is an electro technical company that is active in the field of electromagnetic compatibility-related research, development and production of measurement tools. Sven is currently involved in the development of new measurement tools, practical troubleshooting in electronic devices, EMC/ESD tests on IC´s, teaching the effects of EMC and ESD in Langer EMV-Technik seminars and competent customer care.

The following are questions presented to the speaker by the attendees during the webinar, along with answers to each.

Are all unshielded cables filtered at point of exits from ESA1?
Answer: Yes, all unshielded cables have to be filtered if they exit the shielding tent. Instead of filters we often use an optical converter when running wires outside the tent.

Is there a corresponding plot of the Antenna noise before and after the modification?
Answer: We measured the antenna noise before doing the modifications, but have no before / after plot because the antenna noise is independent of the modification. I can email the plot to you.

What’s the approximate cost of this ESA1 tent? (and the tent alone?)”
Answer: The complete system with the tent, reference plane with filters, RF current transformer, pre-amp and different near-field probes is 6000 EUR. You can change and combine the different parts as you like.

The shielding tent alone is around 2000 EUR.

Can the ESA1 also be used for immunity testing?
Answer: That is also possible. You can use it for conducted immunity testing or we also use it very often to protect the equipment (scope…) during an ESD test and so on.