Diagnose and Debug PCB-Level EMC/EMI Problems in Seconds on Your Desktop

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Do you want to pass EMC compliance tests quickly? Are you looking for fast and economical ways to design systems that generate the lowest possible EMI? Are you tired of spending time and money to find the components that may act as an antenna which can radiate electromagnetic energy? Do you want to avoid large loops of signal and corresponding ground-return lines? How can you ensure that high-frequency currents do not leave the PCB? Sign up to learn how you can find, characterize, and address unintended radiators or RF leakage to pass compliance testing at an anechoic chamber during any new PCB development process.

Ruska PattonPresenter: Ruska Patton
Ruska Patton is responsible for the evolution of EMSCAN’s real-time near-field measurement solutions. He has a comprehensive understanding of general EMC, EMI and RF design and troubleshooting, with excellent skills in related software applications and programming. Mr. Patton holds both a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan. During his time at University, he was recognized with numerous IEEE awards and a distinguished research scholarship.