Are you compliant? The new European EMC Directive (2014/30/EU) deadline was April 20th

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The New EMC Directive is applicable from April 20, 2016 and 2004/108/EC is repealed. This webinar will review the requirements of the new directive which is applicable to a wide variety of products including information technology equipment, test and measurement equipment, consumer electronics and industrial controls. This review will include equipment contained within the scope of the directive, the essential requirements of the directive as well as routes to compliance and the necessary technical documentation to be established and maintained by the manufacturer.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone involved in regulatory approvals or compliance testing of products for the European Union, including program managers, regulatory engineers, quality assurance personnel and test engineers.

Richard ReitzSpeaker: Richard Reitz
As Retlif’s Director of Engineering, Richard is responsible for the technical oversight of all testing operations. Retlif’s three testing facilities (New York, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania) provide independent EMC and Environmental Simulation testing services to a broad range of manufacturers.

Richard holds a B.T. in Electrical Engineering Technology and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology from the State University of New York, College of Technology at Farmingdale.

Richard is a Senior Member of the IEEE EMC Society and a member of the Executive Committee of the Philadelphia Chapter of the EMC Society. He has been a member of the National Cooperation for Laboratory Accreditation (NACLA) Board of Directors since 2001 and is currently the immediate past President. An iNARTE Certified EMC Accredited Test Laboratory Engineer, he also has served on the ACIL Board of Directors, the Conformity Assessment Section, its EMC Subcommittee, and the United States Council of EMC Laboratories.

The following are questions presented to the speaker by the attendees during the webinar, along with answers to each.

What would you recommend as the best method for keeping update to date on new harmonized standards?
Answer: The harmonized standards once published in the OJ, are listed on the Europa website. You may also subscribe to the RSS feed which provides automatic updates. Website

Will the European Commission eventually publish a list of harmonized standards in the OJ which actually state 2014/30/EU, or shall it continue to refer to 2004/108/EC?
Answer: It is anticipated that the EU will publish a new list and at that time will have reference to the new directive. It should be noted that while the OJ has not been published referencing the new directive, the Europa page does reference both 2004/108 and 2014/30.

Please confirm that there is no need in the CE DoC to refer to the “AC“ version of the harmonized standard (the version without an expiration date for the previous version, e.g., EN 60730-2-7:2010/AC:2011).
Answer: While the AC is an administrative corrigendum only, It would be my recommendation to reference the standard applied exactly as published in the OJ, including the AC if that was in fact what was applied.

The manufacturing address may be printed only on the packaging instead of on the product itself, right?
Answer: Only in those cases where it is not possible to place the required information on the device:

Article 7, Point 6 states: Manufacturers shall indicate, on the apparatus, their name, registered trade name or registered trade mark and the postal address at which they can be contacted or, where that is not possible, on its packaging or in a document accompanying the apparatus. 

How do tech docs differ from the former TCF?
Answer: The technical documentation required under the new directive includes conceptual design and manufacturing drawings and schematics, not formally required under the old directive. In addition, the manufacturer is required to include an analysis and assessment of the risk(s).

Richard, Your sound quality was much clearer than some other presenters. Could you please tell us what kind of Mic you are using?
Answer: Logitech h390 USB Headset

Why does 61000-6-2 or 61326-1 not reference 61000-4-34 for dips and interrupts for above16A?
Answer: This is a question better answered by the committee responsible for the product standard.

In practice, for the Declaration of conformity documents which compliance with previous Directive 2004/108/EU, do we need to update to DOC Document?
Answer: Yes, the directive needs to be updated to contain:  a reference to the new directive, a statement that the declaration is issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and a statement that the object of the declaration is in conformity with relevant Union harmonization legislation.

What is new in 2014/30/EU compared to 2010/108/EU
Answer: The most significant change is relate to the role of the Notified Body and the EU-Type examination process. There are however, details in the technical documentation and declaration of conformity as well as the obligations of economic operators that need to be considered.

I am looking at but do not see the RED on the list. Is this the right place to look?
Answer: Information on the RED may be found here.

Who should write and sign a declaration if the manufacturer is outside the EU?
Answer: The manufacturer is responsible for drawing up the EU declaration of conformity.

Who is responsible if the apparatus does not meet the requirements when the manufacturer is outside of EU?
Answer: Importers and distributors have obligations under the directive to cooperate with national authorities to provide technical documentation to support conformance with the essential requirements when requested. They also have obligations in the case of non-conformities to take necessary corrective actions.

Is software and firmware information mandatory to be added to the EMC DoC?
Answer: The declaration of conformity is required to include those items identified in Annex IV. Software would need to be addressed in the technical documentation compiled by the manufacturer in support of the DoC.

Is there a centralized database setup for (non-RF) devices?
Answer: No, not to my knowledge.