Roundtable: Present and Future EMC Challenges for Wireless Design

The proliferation of wireless devices, from wifi to Bluetooth to cellular, continues to accelerate. And therefore, so do the challenges for EMC, and SAR in particular. Join this roundtable to hear latest solutions to the present day challenges and where the future lies.

Antonio Faraone Antonio Faraone
Antonio Faraone is the Chief EME (Electromagnetic Energy) Scientist at Motorola Solutions, formerly Motorola, where he also works in Antenna R&D within the CTO organization. His focus is on portable 2-way radios and other public-safety wireless devices as well base-station and smart-array antennas, while being deeply involved in product regulatory compliance with respect to exposure to Electromagnetic Energy (EME) and the relative international standards (IEEE 1528, IEC 62209, IEC 62232, IEC 62630, IEEE ICES). His contributions in both areas are documented by patents, articles, lead positions in standards. He is a Motorola Scientific Advisory Board Associates (SABA) member, Dan Noble Fellow, and Motorola Distinguished Innovator.

Benoit DeratBenoit_DeratBenoît Derat
Benoît Derat was born in France in 1979. He received the electrical engineering degree from SUPELEC, Gif-sur-Yvette, France and the PhD degree in physics from University of Paris XI (Orsay, France). He served as an expert in antenna design, numerical modeling and SAR measurement for SAGEM Mobiles from 2002 to 2008. Having co-authored over 70 scientific contributions and filed 4 patents relating to SAR and EMF exposure assessment, B. Derat is a renowned expert in numerical and experimental dosimetry. Since 2004, he has been continuously involved in the development of international SAR measurement standards as an active member of the IEC and IEEE SA. In 2010, Benoît founded ART-FI SAS with the aim to deliver innovative solutions for more efficient compliance demonstration to the wireless industry.

Tim JohnsonTim Johnson
Tim Johnson is Senior Certification Engineer for American Certification Body and an iNARTE Certified Engineer (for both EMC and Wireless Device Certification Professional disciplines). Tim has over twenty two years in the testing and certification industry and has reviewed and certified thousands of devices across the technology spectrum. He has developed techniques and procedures for Energy Star, FCC, Industry Canada and Japan MIC requirements. He launched American Certification Body?s operation in Taiwan and has overseen audit and surveillance programs and contributed to Quality System for compliance with ISO Guide 65 for Certification Bodies.

Richelieu QuoiRichelieu Quoi
Product Manager eHealth & SAR at UL Verification Services

David CaseDavid A. Case
David A. Case, NCE, NCT, KB8GXI is the Senior Technical Leader Regulatory at Cisco Systems Corporate Compliance for over 20 years. He is a former Zenith compliance engineer and graduated from Purdue University in 1981. Case is responsible for development of FCC and Canada Wireless Compliance, worldwide RF Exposure, and FCC Experimental license programs at Cisco systems. He is the Cisco point person on World Radio Conference (2015) issues. Case is a member of US workgroups, US FCC WAC, C63 standards committee (C 63.10, C 63.18, C 63.19, C 63,26, C 63.27 workgroups), IEEE EMC Society, IEEE SA, IEEE ICES TC 34, TIA International Committee, Technical Regulatory Policy Committee and Spectrum Committee, and the Radio Advisory Board of Canada through EFC. He is the co-chair of Wi-Fi Alliance Health and science Ad-hoc workgroup; co-chair of Mobile Manufacturers Forum Standards and Research Group and a member of the Board of Directors MMF. He has one Patent issued and one pending, and has written a number of technical articles published on RF Exposure, EMC and radio testing.