Rohde & Schwarz Presents “Understanding the Evolution From Traditional Pass/Fail Testing to Enhanced EMI Characterization”

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Overview: Detecting the max peak of emissions no longer meets the needs of most EMC engineers and does not help in understanding or locating the source of a potential interferer. And what’s worse: pulsed / intermittent and time varying emissions often remain undetected.

Advances in EMI Receiver architecture and digital signal processing are revolutionizing the expectation of the EMC community. Time Domain Scan utilizing FFT technology not only greatly increases scan speed, but also improves the capability to detect pulsed / intermittent signals minimizing undetected time varying emissions. And Digital Signal Processing provides enhanced EMI diagnostic capability in the form of new graphical user interfaces such as Persistence Mode and Spectrograms.

This presentation will cover the evolution of EMI Receiver capability concentrating on the numerous benefits of FFT technology and how the information is presented to greatly improve EMI Diagnostic capability.

Paul DenisowskiPaul Denisowski
Paul Denisowski is an Applications Engineer at Rohde & Schwarz and has over 20 years of experience in the test and measurement industry. He has previously worked in both field and R&D positions with HP/Agilent, Fujitsu, Alcatel, and Nortel. Paul holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University and was also a visiting lecturer at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.