Electromagnetic Interference Testing (EMI) Basics – Part 2

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Looking Beyond Pass/Fail results with modern EMI Compliance Tests and Methodologies

Overview: Meeting EMC standards can be a daunting task, and it can become very expensive – especially when your design comes back from a test lab as ‘failed’. Often there is little insight into why or where your design failed, let alone any hints to a possible root cause. But this is changing! More and more Labs and services offer debug information beyond the pass/fail results. Learn more about modern measurement techniques and instrumentation that enables proper debug and analysis for your EMI/EMS compliance tests.

Bill_100px_2Bill Wangard
Bill Wangard is the EMI Receiver and Radio monitoring Product Manager at Rohde & Schwarz. He has 20+ years of RF and Receiver experience at Motorola and Rohde & Schwarz. Bill authored numerous patents at Motorola.