Early-Time HEMP Vs. IEMI Protection Measures: How Are They Similar; Different

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Overview: This webinar will focus on E1 HEMP (Early-Time High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse) and IEMI (Intentional Electromagnetic Interference) High Frequency Protection Measures and the similarities and differences between the two. A variety of frequency specific point-of-entry systems can be incorporated in facility and equipment design when the frequencies of concern are properly identified. It is important to note that both narrowband and wideband EMP waveforms can be produced by non-lethal weapons using modern technology. The challenge is to accommodate numerous entry points for MEP and HVAC requirements while maintaining shield integrity and pulse.


Caruso-roundtableMichael A. Caruso
Mr. Caruso is Director, Government & Specialty Business Development for ETS-Lindgren. He is a recognized leader in the RF Shielded Enclosure/Anechoic Chamber Industry with 30-years’ experience in account management, project management, technical applications, business development, marketing and sales planning. He has participated in US and international business opportunities and projects involving, start-ups, product launches, budgeting, proposal preparation and project management.  He has a successful track record in assisting customers with technological interpretations, finding and developing strategic partnerships that creates value for customers and end-users. His operational experience in running an EMC Laboratory adds to his depth of knowledge of real-world testing and leadership challenges.