Demystifying EMC Testing: 8 Reasons Why Companies Pass or Fail

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Overview:  Demystify EMC testing and requirements for your whole team. This presentation covers:

  • The top 8 reasons that companies fail EMC testing
  • The 8 traits, behaviors and mindsets of companies that pass the first time
  • A top level overview of immunity testing
  • How to create an emissions and immunity test plan for a specific product


andy-100pxAndy Eadie
CEO, EMC Fast Pass
Andy Eadie is the founder and CEO of EMC Fast Pass, an online training and education platform for engineers involved in EMC and RF pre-compliance testing, troubleshooting and certifications. Previously Andy worked as senior hardware design engineer for Panasonic and was the founder and Senior EMC Engineer of Island Labs, Canada which offered EMC testing and RF certification services.

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