2015 EMC Product of the Year

Over the last year, there has been a significant amount of innovation in the EMC market including
breakthroughs in test instrumentation, new ideas in components, and advancements in materials.
Now you get to pick the best EMC product!

The winners have been announced!


First Place

Keysight’s MXE EMI Receiver The Keysight MXE EMI receiver offers a range of measurement and diagnostic tools for commercial and military compliance applications. It provides the accuracy, repeatability and reliability needed to test with confidence and keep your test queue flowing. The MXE features the widest frequency coverage, the best upgradeability, and a 3-year warranty. Read More

Second Place

Aaronia’s New Portable Generator series BPSG Aaronia offers a wide range of new intelligent RF signal & field generators from 23MHz to 14GHz. World smallest battery powered and intelligent stand-alone RF & Field generator with up to 18dBm output power (generates 3V/m) and 80dB dynamic range. The BPSG offers up to 1Hz frequency accuracy, onboard TCXO and battery operation time (4h), USB or self-running batch control at power-up. Read More

Third Place (2-Way Tie!)

Würth Elektronik’s Peak Current Rated Multilayer SMD Ferrite The WE-MPSB is the first worldwide chip bead ferrite with a specified peak current up to 20-times higher than rated current. The specially designed layer structure enables a low RDC, resulting in 40% higher rated current. Applications are input and output filters for DC/DC converters. Read More

Third Place (2-Way Tie!)

AR’s 16,000 Watt RF Power Amplifier – 16000A225 This RF solid state CW amplifier has become the industry standard for conducting radiated immunity testing for entire automobiles and other large UUT’s, producing 16.000 watts over the instantaneous 10kHz to 225 MHZ frequency band with harmonic distortion better than 20 dBc. Read More

ETS Lindgren’s EMField Generator The EMField Generator is a unique, integrated solution that combines amplifiers, directional couplers, power meters and an antenna array into one remarkable, simplified design. Nearly all of the generated power is converted into useable field strength. With EMField Generator, users will now have a complete solution with minimal loss of RF power, low installation cost, less cabling and reduced calibration costs. Read More

Rohde & Schwarz ® BBL 200 – 10 kW Broadband Amplifier 10kW, liquid cooling, solid-state high power amplifier and extensive monitoring and protection measurements including currents, voltages, temperatures, forward and reflected power are making the R&S®BBL200 a technology leap in EMC, ensuring excellent performance for EMC applications through a high 1dB compression power, outstanding VSWR immunity and quiet and efficient operation. Read More

Rohde & Schwarz ESR EMI Receiver The Rohde & Schwarz ESR EMI Receiver takes full advantage of real-time signal capture and analysis. Spectrogram and Persistence displays depict three dimensional views of frequency, signal level, and time yielding intuitive graphical insight of time-varying signals, including ‘signals under signals.’ Read More

Teseq’s ARB5500: Teseq introduces an eight-channel arbitrary waveform generator for automotive testing. The ARB 5500 fits inside the transient generator and features memory for over 64,000 standard waveform segments as well as 1 GB of Clone memory for user-defined shapes. This is enough memory for several thousand hours of simulations. Read More

EM Test’s VDS 200Q VDS 200Q: EM Test now offers the VDS 200Q Series, a four-quadrant voltage drop simulator that can source and sink current using a programmed voltage in both positive and negative polarities. The amplifier generates dips and drops, short interruptions and voltage variations to simulate a wide range of phenomena occurring on a vehicle wiring harness. Read More

Aaronia’s SPECTRAN-RF-VIEW The World´s First Video Camera Showing RF Waves in Real Time. Grid of Spectrum Analyzers & Antennas, the Aaronia “SPECTRAN-RF-VIEW”, visualizes RF & microwaves in real time, 3D and unlimited resolution. Make compliance tests easy as making a video. Read More

Empower RF Systems’ Solid State Broadband High Power Amplifier (SKU 2170) Amazing power density in our GaN 1 to 3.1Ghz 1KW CW Amplifier (SKU 2170) far exceeds anything else available and brings with it the convenience of portability. We also packed in instrument grade metering eliminating the need for external DDC, power sensors, and power meter!   But wait, there’s more! Read More

Schurter’s Low Leakage Current 3-phase Filter, FMBC LL SCHURTER’s compact FMBC LL 3-phase filter, for applications with critical leakage current restrictions, for instance Industrial Motor Drive Applications using RCDs. Rated 7-180A at 520 VAC, ambient temperature of 50 C. Leakage current rating for versions 7 – 55A is < 5 mA and <20 mA for versions 75 – 180 A. Read More

NexTek, Inc.’s HPR300 NexTek, Inc.’s HPR300 provides high frequency noise reduction in extreme thermal (-55C) and vibration (30g) environments. This 300 Ampere feedthrough filter enables EMI/RF/EMC compliance in applications requiring filtered power supplies in military equipment, lasers and medical scanners. Ideal for all power applications requiring high filtering performance in a compact package. Read More

Saelig’s TBPS01-TBWA2 EMC Pre-compliance Probe Kit Saelig’s TBPS01-TBWA2 EMC Pre-compliance Probe Kit from Tekbox (Vietnam) includes four rubber-handled near-field probes (three H-field and one E-field), a 20dB or a 40dB wideband amplifier, and associated cables, supplied in an attractive wooden case for under $400, increasing the versatility of economical spectrum analyzers to identify EMC issues. Read More

ART-Fi’s ART-MAN SAR Measurement System 2015 has been a great year for ART-MAN. We’re the only “Fast SAR” system with 100% vector technology, and in January we became the first “Fast SAR” system whose test reports are accepted by a Notified Body for certification testing in Europe. After years of dedicated work and smart science, 2015 has made ART-MAN the defacto standard in “Fast SAR” measurement. Read More

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation’s (BNC) Model RTSA7500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer The Model RTSA7500 includes the standard features of a spectrum analyzer such as frequency controls, marker functions and multi-trace functionality. Also included is a real-time trigger mode for measuring complex data signals such as Wi-Fi and LTE along with markers for tracking specific frequencies. Read More

EMC Partner’s IMU SLAVE SMART Mains signalling is a new disturbance source. Regulation from 2kHz to 150kHz is in place since 2014. As enhancement to the IMU series of EMC testers, IMU SLAVE SMART V1I1 includes CW and MODULATED disturbance source, CDN for VOLTAGE circuits, REFERENCE meter connections INCLUDING decoupling on current circuit. Read More

Masach’s Drawn EMI/RFI Shields Main advantages are seamless protective cage which promotes high shielding effectiveness. Robust and solid construction which resists warping during transit and handling. Optimal planarity – Promotes high yield on reflow soldering. Two-piece shield Design which enables users the flexibility to inspect or repair shielded components without having to risk board damage. Read More

Saelig’s AIM-TTi Series 5 Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzers AIM-TTi Series 5 Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzers from Saelig (3.6GHz and 6.0GHz versions) offer bench-top instrument features with a full range of RBW/VBW settings, waveform demodulation and automatic measurements. Advanced digital techniques and a DANL noise figure of -160dBm/Hz and FS reference level of -40dBm shows signals to -120dBm. Read More

Masach’s Drawn EMI/RFI Shield Standards Masach’s wide range of Drawn Standards gives a significant opportunity for PCB designers & engineers to pick and find the required item within an extraordinary variety of shields. Ordering a standard product eliminates the design of the shield and the production of prototypes for evaluation. Added advantages are translated relatively low cost and short delivery times. Read More

Gauss Instruments’ TDEMI M The mobile EMI Receiver – Emission Measurements everytime, everywhere. New dimensions for pre-certification with real-time analysis bandwidth of 162 MHz. The TDEMI M product line of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS is the world’s first cost effective mobile instrument with outstanding capabilities for pre-certification and EMC debugging. Read More

Keysight’s N6141A The Keysight N6141A EMI measurement application is a versatile pre-compliance tool that simplifies data collection and analysis. It brings the powerful measurement and diagnostic tools from the Keysight MXE EMI receiver to transform your Keysight X-Series signal analyzer so you can find and fix problems before your design begins compliance testing. Read More

Gauss Instruments’s TDEMI X Fastest Receiver, Widest Analysis Bandwidth, Highest Dynamic Range, Lowest Noisefloor! The world’s first ultra-fast and high performance EMI Receivers TDEMI X of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS provides a real-time bandwidth of 325 MHz, a classical EMI Receiver mode and a variety of measurement and analysis functions as well as an oscilloscope. Read More

Noiseken’s EPS-02E System The EPS-02E system provides an intensity distribution map on a scanned area by a near-field probe. The system camera recognizes the probe position by using color recognition and the relevant spectrum data at each probe position is stored thus giving you a quick hint to locate EMI sources and to incorporate solutions. Read More

NexTek’s QWSNFNF0500 NexTek’s QWSNFNF0500 is an ultra-wideband (5.2 to 18.0 GHz) coaxial surge protector. This compact arrestor provides unrivalled ESD, EMP and lightning transient protection to 60,000 amps. Ideal for wideband coaxial communication applications susceptible to EMP or exposed to large transient energy and where downtime is not an option. Read More

NoiseKen’s Thin Plate Broadband Antenna Thin-plate broadband antenna has been developed for efficient immunity testing against hand-held transmitters and cellular phones. Many pieces of spot frequency antennas had to be used in turn thus fur. This new antenna is a single antenna solution eliminating the need for antenna changes and dramatically reducing the test time. Read More

EMC Partner’s IMU4000 IMU4000 builds on the success of the EMC PARTNER Operating System (EPOS). Modular architecture is a time and money saving feature, enabling on-site upgrades of ESD, EFT, CWG, AC/DC DIPS, INTERRUPTS, VARIATIONS, COMMON MODE and DIFFERENTIAL MODE circuits. Use the touch panel or rotary knob to change parameters during test. Read More

Langer EMV-Technik’s ESD injection in ICs with the P331-2 probe The P331-2 enables reliable and reproducible interference immunity measurements on IC’s. This measurement technology can be used during both IC development and quality tests to inject line-bound ESD pulses into all types of IC pins directly or through a coupling network. Read More

Meritec’s “Houdini” Custom Cable Assembly Meritec’s “Houdini” Custom Cable Assembly allowed the use of their Medical Division technology to solve a Military application. The product calls for a 5-pin cable harness to be mated to a rechargeable battery pack worn by a soldier during training exercises. The unique requirement was to mate to a standard female connector mounted to the battery and not only have it be shielded for EMI purposes but, to have it be waterproof under one meter of water for 30 minutes. Read More

Langer EMV-Technik’s Mini Burst Field Generators for Local Burst or ESD P1 set mini burst generators generate local burst or ESD pulse fields with an extreme field strength. The E and B mini burst generators are particularly small burst generators. They are used with the aim of identifying and eliminating weak points in electronic modules in the development phase. Read More

AR’s MT06000 MultiStar Multi-Tone Tester The MT06000 is a state-of-the-art RF Radiated Immunity system that tests up to ten frequencies (tones) at once, reducing your test time by a factor proportional to the number of tones used. IEC/EN 61000-4-3, EN 501304 and EN 55024 are just a few standards that benefit from using the Multi-Tone Tester. Read More