Rohde & Schwarz Presents “Troubleshooting Today’s EMI Problems”

Testing Tips for EMI Debug, Pre-Compliance and Compliance Measurements

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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues often surface at the last moment in the design cycle, potentially delaying product introductions. Very often, simple pre-compliance measurements and techniques can identify issues early when the cost of implementation is substantially lower and design improvements may be made with less impact on schedules. This seminar covers EMC measurements and troubleshooting techniques at different stages of the design cycle. Practical tools and techniques that can be used for pre-compliance measurements as well as troubleshooting EMC problems in a more formal setting. We will include several probing and analysis techniques that will identify EMC issues quickly.

Who Should Attend:
All design engineers and technicians involved in the development of electronic devices and systems of any kind, where compliance to EMI standards is required. Analog, RF, Mechanical and Digital hardware design engineers will benefit from this course.

Ken WyattKen Wyatt
Kenneth Wyatt, Sr. EMC Engr, Wyatt Technical Services, holds degrees in biology and electronic engineering and has worked as a product development engineer for 10 years at various aerospace firms on projects ranging from DC-DC power converters to RF and microwave systems for shipboard and space systems. For over 20 years, he has worked as an EMC engineer and has been an independent EMC consultant since 2008. Kenneth has been published in numerous magazines and he has presented EMC design, measurement and troubleshooting seminars across the world. Kenneth is a senior member of the IEEE and a long time member of the EMC Society. He co-authored the book, “EMI Troubleshooting Cookbook for Product Designers” and currently authors The EMC Blog for


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