CST presents: “Simulation of PCB Emissions”

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Simulation can answer fundamental design questions early in the design process long before a prototype is available, and helps identify possible and unforeseen coupling paths that are inaccessible by measurements. This webinar will present simulation workflows tailored for EMC, coupling 3D and circuit methods. The comparability of simulation and measurement will also be discussed, using results from a realistic PCB.

Who should attend:
All design engineers interested in simulation methods.

Andreas BarchanskiAndreas Barchanski
Andreas Barchanski is the EMC Market Development Manager at CST. He holds an M.Sc. degree in physics and a Ph.D. in numerical electromagnetics from the Technical University Darmstadt. He joined CST as an application engineer in 2007. Besides EMC, his main interest lies in the simulation of various electronic systems ranging from high speed digital to power electronics.