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AR - Orange Book of Knowledge

New Orange Book of Knowledge 50th Anniversary Edition

The AR Orange Book of Knowledge (OBK), 50th Anniversary Edition is now available. If you already have Volume VII, replace it with this new edition! This new edition offers 6 brand new application notes, new EMC formulas and 4 revised application notes, all written by AR Application Engineers. The OBK, for so many engineers, is the “go-to” source for everything and anything related to EMC!

AR - Orange Book of Knowledge

New EMC Systems Guidebook from AR

AR approaches each system effort, large and small, with the same fundamental concepts to produce systems with the highest levels of; performance, quality, reliability, and efficiency.

These systems give you the peace of mind that you are going to produce the field strengths you require with a margin for unforeseen circumstances that may arise due to chamber inconsistencies.

This new EMC Systems guidebook now includes details about AR’s new low-cost RF Conducted Immunity System for military, medical, consumer electronics, automotive and aircraft markets. Also find details on the Award-Winning Field Generating Systems, the new AA Series.

AR - Orange Book of Knowledge

New Poster: IC’s & Component EMC Testing

AR’s new poster on Integrated Circuits (IC) & Component EMC testing provides greater insight into the test equipment and setups used for IC testing. This easy-to-use reference allows you to maximize your test efforts.

Download or request a hard copy of the new poster today.

AR - Orange Book of Knowledge

Video: Critical Steps in Designing EMC Test Systems

In this video, AR discusses the most critical aspects of designing an EMC test system to meet your specific needs and requirements. The focus is on selecting and sizing the appropriate equipment and learning the appropriate questions to ask in order to achieve these goals. AR has the experience to develop full-turnkey solutions for a multitude of requirements – not only Radiated Immunity but Conducted Immunity, Radiated Emissions, and Conducted Emissions as well.